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 Post subject: Foxia Holy/Disc Priest Kingslayer
PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:30 pm 
"Foxia - Priest- Disc/Holy"

I. About You

First Name: Byron
Occupation: Student
Location: New Jersey
Can you meet our attendance requirements? (Y/N):Y
Would you describe yourself as reliable?: yes

II. About Your Character

Class: Priest
Armory Link: ... &cn=Foxia#
Played Time: 62 days, 10hrs
Current Guild: Aetherstorm
Why are you leaving your current guild: I work morning shifts now and aetherstorm is a late night raiding guild (12am-4am)
Current Server: Skullcrusher
WWS / WOL Parse:

III. About Your Raiding Experience

Vanilla: MC, BWL, Naxx 40
Ulduar: Everything
TOC: Everything
TOGC: 10m cleared, 25 not
ICC 10m 9/12 HMS cleared
Favorite WoW boss and why: My favorite was Keal'thas Sunstrider, the whole process of the fight was perfect, especially for 25m. The boss was very well done and creative, plus I loved the flying part.
Least favorite WoW boss and why: All the TOC bosses, they all were boring, uncreative fights with no true story attached to them.

IV. About Your Computer

Processor: 3.2 GHZ Core 2 Duo E8500
Memory: 4 GB
Video Card: 9800GTX Nvidia
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Type of internet connection: Verizon Fiber Optic
Internet speed (
Internet stability (

Does your computer crash or internet disconnect frequently: nope
Do you know how to troubleshoot latency: Yes
Do you know how to troubleshoot low FPS: Yes

V. Extra

Your favorite book: Cane River
Your favorite movie: Star Wars
Your favorite TV show: My wife and kids
Most inspiring person: Bill Clinton
Top 5 WoW related websites you visit regularly:
wow-heros, mmo-champion, wow-armory.
Anything else we should know / final comments:
I also have a holy pally with all the same experience so I know how to heal ICC as a tank or raid healer. In 10m, I 2 heal every boss up to Lich King. I will quickly fit right in your guild raiding style.

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