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 Post subject: Edgecanyon--Pally--Holy/Prot
PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:47 am 
I. About You

First Name: Eddie Cannon
Occupation:Insurance Broker
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Can you meet our attendance requirements? (Y/N):Y
Would you describe yourself as reliable?:Y

II. About Your Character

Spec:Holy/ Prot
Armory Link:
Played Time:153 days
Current Guild:Obsidian
Why are you leaving your current guild:It dissolved
Current Server:Skullcrusher
WWS / WOL Parse:

III. About Your Raiding Experience

Vanilla:UBRS and ZA mostly, did not have an opportunity to raid much back then
TBC: Did it all here..Kara thru BT
Ulduar: Downed everyboss in this instance..Yogg was fun!!
TOC: 5/5
TOGC: 4/5 in both 10's and 25's
Favorite WoW boss and why: My new fav boss has to be Dreamwalker...getting 30 plus stacks of the buff and dropping 100k plus Holy light crits rulzz
Least favorite WoW boss and why:Hmm..nothing comes to mind here..i guess i like them all on some lvl or another..maybe the last boss in Hyjal...ppl standing in fire and wiping the raid def got old.

IV. About Your Computer

Video Card:
Operating System:
Type of internet connection: Cable
Internet speed (link results of here - USE THE DALLAS, TX SERVER):
Internet stability (link results of here - USE THE DALLAS, TX SERVER):
Does your computer crash or internet disconnect frequently:
Do you know how to troubleshoot latency:
Do you know how to troubleshoot low FPS:

Im at work atm so im not with the computer I game on...its a high end labtop that is built for gaming it last year..I have nvr had a prob with latency or dc'ing. High speed cable internet at home.

V. Extra

Your favorite book: I have quite a few, if I had to pick I would say the Gunslinger series by King, or the Wheel of time series by Robert Jordon
Your favorite movie: Hmm...tough one..maybe a Clint Eastwood western like Pale Rider or one of the Star Wars Movies..if those are on I wont change the channel
Your favorite TV show: Dogg the bounty hunter these days..i dont know, but it entertains me
Most inspiring person: no one famous, one of my best friends father who died last year of cancer, he was a grt man and an insperation to me in many ways..too many to count here.
Top 5 WoW related websites you visit regularly:,,,, and
Anything else we should know / final comments: Im in my mid 30's..yes i know that sounds, i have a family and I have been raiding hard core for over 3 yrs now. I have been tanking for some old friends in a 10 man guild the last few months, but my strength has always been healing. As a result my holy gear is not a strong as my prot set atm..its about 5300, but i regularly outheal ppl with much higher GS's than I have. I have healed on my pally since Kara and have never had anyone complain about my skills and have been able to master every fight with a little practice. My best friend would also want to join, he is a healer also. He has a Holy Pally with almost a 5700 GS and a Resto Shammy with around a 5350 GS..he is exellent on both toons. Our ten man guild just blew up so we are looking for a new home. We love to raid and love to play wow and would rly like to play with a quality guild like this one. We have seen 11/12 fights in ICC, and have downed 10/12. So we know the fights and should be g2g from day one. We also have several geared alts and enjoy doing 10's and alt runs on off nights. Oh and one last thing, we rarely ever miss a raid. Neither one of us have missed one in prob 3 months...we show up prepared and on time. Our big thing is we just want to have fun and pwn face.

By applying to Beatdown Brigade you must understand a few things about our guild and the way things are run.

- Older and active members are given priority over you as a recruit for a raid spot. If they are on-time and would like to join the raid then they will be given the opportunity to do so.
- You MUST be able to handle, at times, some harsh criticism.
- You SHOULD have at least 85% attendance during your trial period unless there are special circumstances.
- Loot is handled by RLP (a zero-sum type DKP system) for members, but for recruits, it's up to officer discretion.
- I never took the time to read these bullets, and copied them into my application, and now it looks bad. (delete these bullets please)

 Post subject: Re: Edgecanyon--Pally--Holy/Prot
PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:53 am 
One last thing. I rarely go out of town but I am this weekend. I'll be leaving today about 5 pm and will not be back until Sunday afternoon.

 Post subject: Re: Edgecanyon--Pally--Holy/Prot
PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:45 am 
Why skip the entire section about computer and connection speed?

 Post subject: Re: Edgecanyon--Pally--Holy/Prot
PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:30 am 
I'm sorry, currently we do not need an additional holy paladin.

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