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 Post subject: Recruitment needs - (Updated 08/20/10)
PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:43 pm 
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Updated 08.20.2010

Our raiding schedule has been temporarily suspended until Cataclysm.

Restoration Shaman - CLOSED
Enhancement Shaman - CLOSED
Elemental Shaman - CLOSED
DPS Death Knight - CLOSED
Tank Death Knight - CLOSED
Balance Druid - CLOSED
Feral Druid (DPS) - CLOSED
Feral Druid (Tank) - CLOSED
Restoration Druid - CLOSED
Holy Paladin - CLOSED
Protection Paladin - CLOSED
Retribution Paladin - CLOSED
Shadow Priest - CLOSED
Holy Priest - CLOSED
Discipline Priest - CLOSED
Arms / Fury Warrior - CLOSED
Protection Warrior - CLOSED
Rogue - CLOSED
Hunter - CLOSED
Warlock - CLOSED

If your class is listed as closed, you may still apply even though we are not currently seeking your class / spec. We are open to all specs and all classes if you bring enough skill / talent / gear.

Basic Requirements:

* Stable internet connection and a good computer. We need our members to have 99% uptime. That means you're not disconnecting during raids or having your computer dying. We need 25 people in a raid giving 100%, which means you need to be online. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SOLID CONNECTION AND A GOOD COMPUTER DO NOT BOTHER APPLYING.

* Gear. You must have your gear fully gemmed and enchanted. Your gear tells us a lot about your knowledge of your class, your knowledge of general theorycraft, and your willingness to put a lot of effort into your character.

* Attendance. You must be able to give us a lifetime average of 75% attendance. That means you're missing on average one raid every two weeks. We run a tight roster and can't afford to recruit unreliable people. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU CAN'T COMMIT.

Desired Traits:

* Self-starter. You've read strategies, obtained consumables, and are ready to go every night for raids. You will communicate with the other healers or dps classes to coordinate fight-specific strategies. You must have the desire to constantly improve your play. You must be able to take constructive criticism so that you can improve your play. We want people who are good, but who are always striving to be better.

* Dedication. You're here pretty much every night. If you have some weird life circumstances that may be interrupting your play time or will in the near future DON'T APPLY.

* Reliability. This fits hand in hand with dedication. We need to be able to rely on you to be there on the tough nights when we're trying to beat new content. We need to know you're not going to flake out and disappear for a week, or that you're going to leave an hour early from raids on a regular basis.

* Skill. You need to able to adapt to changing situations and go above and beyond the basic assignment asked of you. You need to be able to think for yourself so that you can do your assigned job as well as help others. Twitch and fast reaction times are needed for you to do the job that will be required of you.

* Personality. Beatdown Brigade has a strong guild personality and you will need to fit in with us. This means that you can take a joke, have a good sense of humor, and can take criticism. Overly sensitive people will not fit in with us. You need to be able to take criticism when you make a mistake and you need to be able to let the criticism roll off without it stressing you out.


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